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3m Pf317 Lightweight LCD Monitor Privacy Filter 17 Inch

Product Code: 18840461

3M™ Framed Desktop Monitor Privacy Filters offer outstanding privacy protection; allowing only those directly in front of the monitor to see on-screen data. Anti-reflective surface reduces screen glare.
You'll see the information on your display while people on either side only see a darkened screen
Fits 15" to 17" CRT monitors and 17" standard LCD desktop monitors.
Actual filter viewing area dimensions are 13 9/16" wide x 10 15/16" high (345mm x 277mm).
Two easy-to-use attachment methods - 3M™ Command™ adhesive and attachable hanger arms
Anti-reflective surface reduces screen glare and reflections for more comfortable viewing
Helps protect the display from scratches and fingerprints
Easy to clean surface is smudge-resistant and repels permanent marker
Limited 1-year warranty